Park Clinic Plastic Surgery in Vogue

Park Clinic and Dr Alex Phoon were recently published in Vogue magazine discussing face and neck procedures. You can view the article PDF by clicking here.

Park Clinic Plastic Surgery in Vogue

Dr Alex Phoon and Park Clinic recently featured in Vogue magazine. A copy of the article is available below. Click here to get the PDF.

5 Essential things to consider when planning your breast augmentation surgery

Dr Alex Phoon discusses the essential things to consider when planning your breast augmentation surgery. Dr Phoon will take you through some decision making questions to ask yourself when considering this surgery. Patients rarely decide on a whim to have surgery. On average, patients take almost one and half years to build up…

Natural or Athletic Breast Augmentation

Dr Alex Phoon discusses breast implant essentials, taking us through what it means to have a natural breast augmentation. What is natural or athletic breast augmentation? This is one of the most common procedures requested by patients. The term ‘natural’ means different things to different people, but classically it means an implant…

The fuller look Breast Augmentation

What is involved with the fuller look? Desiring a fuller breast shape is also a very common patient request. It really comes down to picking the right implant for your shape. Some things to consider however: Just because you liked a picture on Instagram or in a magazine doesn’t necessarily mean it…

Do I need a breast lift with an implant or just an implant alone?

Dr Alex Phoon discusses a very common question patients have which is “Can I have a breast implant alone or do I need a lift?” This question is often asked by women who might have lost a lot of weight, had children, or have a lower position of the nipple relative to…

How painful is Breast Augmentation surgery?

Dr Alex Phoon from Park Clinic Plastic Surgery discusses pain relief and the pain associated with Breast Augmentation surgery. Considering a pain scale of 0 to 10 and comparing Breast Augmentation to all possible surgeries you could undergo in your life we position Breast Augmentation in the middle – but only for…

How safe is Breast Augmentation Surgery?

Having a breast augmentation is similar to any other surgical procedure. There are always inherent risks and potential complications for every patient having a surgical procedure. That is why it is critically important that you chose your surgeon carefully so that they are fully qualified with the Australian Society of…

Park Clinic Plastic Surgery helps Helen on ‘Changing Faces’

Park Clinic Plastic Surgery was recently on an episode of Changing Faces helping Helen remove her excess skin and fatty deposits after losing 90kg. You can watch a few clips from the episode below. Park Clinic Plastic Surgery would like to congratulate Helen on her life changing decision and her…

Park Clinic Plastic Surgery available in the App store

To assist our patients in booking their appointments and keeping up to date with Park Clinic Plastic Surgery we have recently released an App available on the Apple App store and Google Play. Patients and potential patients can download the app, view information on treatments and procedures, view before and…

Our 3D Vectra Technology in Beauty Biz Mag

Park Clinic Plastic Surgery was recently featured in the Beauty Biz magazine as part of an article on our 3D Vectra Technology. What is 3D Vectra Technology Our 3D Vectra Technology takes a very quick series of images of your treatment area and seamlessly places them together digitally on a…

Park Clinic on Spa+Clinic

Park Clinic Plastic Surgery were recently featured in an article on Green Workplaces in recognition of our lovely living feature wall in the practice. We are always getting questions about the wall: Yes they are real living plants! Take a look at the full article here: The Green Living Workplace

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