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Does Fat Grafting help at the same time as having a facelift?

The answer here is yes. A facelift and necklift can contour the cheeks, jawline and neck to eliminate the jowls but there is always an element of deflation that occurs with aging.

Fat grafting involves using some of your own fat cells (and some of the stem cells that come with them) to help plump up the deflated cheeks at the same time. There is also some evidence that it also improves the quality of the skin at the same time. Only a small amount of your own fat is used but the effects can be quite stunning

The good thing about fat grafting is that it is derived from you so it is completely natural.

Revision facelift

  • This 55 year old woman had a previous facelift by another surgeon and wanted to know what could be done to improve the appearance around her eyes and lower face and neck.
  • A facelift, necklift along with upper and lower blepharoplasties were performed with limited fat grafting to the mid cheek

What has been achieved?

  • The loose skin and bands in the neck are gone
  • A natural fullness in the cheek is achieved along with elevation and improved skin tone
  • Scars are hidden around the ears and within a small pre-existing skin crease under the chin!
  • The patient has a beautiful, natural, harmonious look appropriate for her age that is powerful yet subtle
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