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5 Essential things to consider when planning your breast augmentation surgery

Dr Alex Phoon discusses the essential things to consider when planning your breast augmentation surgery. Dr Phoon will take you through some decision making questions to ask yourself when considering this surgery. Patients rarely decide on a whim to have surgery. On average, patients take almost one and half years to build up…

Natural or Athletic Breast Augmentation

Dr Alex Phoon discusses breast implant essentials, taking us through what it means to have a natural breast augmentation. What is natural or athletic breast augmentation? This is one of the most common procedures requested by patients. The term ‘natural’ means different things to different people, but classically it means an implant…

Park Clinic Plastic Surgery available in the App store

To assist our patients in booking their appointments and keeping up to date with Park Clinic Plastic Surgery we have recently released an App available on the Apple App store and Google Play. Patients and potential patients can download the app, view information on treatments and procedures, view before and…

Park Clinic Grand Opening

On Monday 15th June, Park Clinic Plastic Surgery proudly held their grand opening. We had many lovely attendees with happy smiling faces all round. We could not be prouder of the practice, the team and the evening and look forward to many more happy events in the practice. Below we…

Is surgery right for you?

The decision to have surgery is not one to be taken lightly: that’s why we offer you frank discussions and honest appraisals throughout. Dr. Moradi recently took part in a TV show called The Living Room that explored this. You may find it helpful to watch. It’s less than ten…

Are you choosing the right anesthetic for your breast augmentation surgery?

Park Clinic Plastic Surgeons do not and will never perform twilight anaesthetic for breast augmentation surgery! A lot of our patients have been asking about twilight anaesthetics, especially with reports in the media about multiple patients who have had problems associated with local anaesthetic overdoses and almost dying as a…

10 things you MUST know about cosmetic eyelid surgery

1. What is a blepharoplasty? It is one of the most common cosmetic procedures performed in facial plastic surgery. It is a surgical procedure to improve the appearance of the upper eyelids, lower eyelids, or both. Our eyes usually give away our age and a rejuvenated ocular region goes along…

What is a stem cell face lift and is it a miracle cure for ageing?

Ageing is an inescapable reality of human life. It results in degeneration of the skin and its support system and it involves both boney and soft tissue changes. Ageing is caused by 2 sets of factors: 1) Intrinsic; including time and genetics. Starting at birth and progressing to cause diminished…

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