Natural or Athletic Breast Augmentation

Dr Alex Phoon discusses breast implant essentials, taking us through what it means to have a natural breast augmentation.

What is natural or athletic breast augmentation?

This is one of the most common procedures requested by patients. The term ‘natural’ means different things to different people, but classically it means an implant that proportions an individual’s body to a better balance.

One of our mottos is ‘confidence is beautiful,’ so when we are talking about a natural breast augmentation, it is usually a lower size implant that improves balance to the patients figure. Typically, it can be an implant that is an anatomical shape. This usually means an implant that is shaped with more fullness at the bottom and less at the top – closer to the natural breast size and shape. Sometimes they are called a ‘teardrop’ implant. The other option here is a round implant which, as the name would suggest, is round. Round implants are as tall as they are wide but can have varying degrees of projection or fullness.

Often there is not a lot of difference between these two implants, particularly in the size of natural breast augmentation. A typical natural or athletic style implant size would be in the range of 250-350cc, depending on the existing breast shape and the overall shape of your body.

If an individual does not have a lot of breast shape, they should consider an anatomical breast implant as the surgeons can tailor it specifically to you and make it wider, taller or have more projection. A round implant typically give patients more fullness in the top part of their breasts and is a good implant option for those that have existing breast shape and just want more volume.

One of the unique things we offer at our clinic is a Vectra machine, which allows patients to digitally view their final result and try various different implant sizes and shapes. The doctors at Park Clinic will take photographs using the Vectra camera, digitize you in 3D and use the simulator to try on different implants. This gives you a visual idea of what the round and anatomical implants will look like.

Using this kind of technology make good communication with your surgeon possible. It also means you can have a real say in the decision making process. This helps you get to the point where you and your doctor know exactly what you want. Using a professional breast sizing kit is the final confirmation where you can try the sizer in your bra to get a physical idea of the size of implant you are considering. These steps give you the peace of mind knowing you are going to have the perfect implant for your individual shape.

If you have any question in regards to your breast augmentation surgery or would like to discuss your options for surgery please do not hesitate to contact us.

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