The fuller look Breast Augmentation

What is involved with the fuller look?

Desiring a fuller breast shape is also a very common patient request. It really comes down to picking the right implant for your shape. Some things to consider however: Just because you liked a picture on Instagram or in a magazine doesn’t necessarily mean it will be appropriate for you. The same can be said for friends and families who have had breast procedures. The advice is always helpful to a point but at the end of the day it is all about your individual situation.

It is important that the surgeon you choose for your breast augmentation listens to all your questions, understands what you want and tailors the perfect implants specifically to you.

One of the things we use is our Vectra Machine, which we find to be exceptionally accurate. This provides you with a digitalized view of your breasts with various implants and the assurance to the type of size and shape you will achieve after your surgery.

Classically, when we are talking about a fuller or boosted look, we are talking about a round implant. A round implant is round in all directions and commonly used for patients that desire more fullness in the top of their breasts. There is a subset of anatomical or tear drop shaped implants that can also look full in shape. They are called high projection anatomical implants and they can also achieve a similar look to a round implant.

Implants can have various degrees of projection, and this refers to the degree the implant will come off the chest wall. A high or extra high projected implant will have added volume pushing outwards. When you have a more projected implant, you are getting a fuller look and a step away from the natural look.

A fuller look is a great procedure to have. The decision comes down to personal preference essentially.

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