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Fillers are used to increase volume in areas of the face that have lost volume with age or never had volume to begin with. They are injected with a very small needle to even out depressions in the skin such as wrinkles or hollows under the eyes. To learn more about fillers, contact Park Clinic Plastic Surgery today to request a consultation with their accomplished staff, or contact the office directly to set an appointment.

Fillers are minimally invasive so they are suitable for most people. They are especially popular for older individuals as ageing can cause wrinkles and sunken areas which can be treated with fillers. However, improving the volume of the lips is also a popular treatment for patients of all ages and in most cases where the patient is healthy they will be a suitable candidate for this procedure.

The Procedure

What to Expect

Procedure: Fillers are injected using a very small needle by our experienced staff. This treatment is very subtle and will not result in scarring so most patients find that they can return to work immediately or the following day when minimal swelling has resided.

Description: Dermal fillers are usually a compound of non-animal origin that is injected into fine lines, wrinkles and hollow areas. Popular areas of treatment include crow’s feet, thinning lips, eye hollows and frown lines.
In order to reduce any pain during your appointment you may be given a topical numbing cream or you may wish to take oral pain medication 20 minutes before your appointment. This is not necessary however, as pain is minimal with this procedure.

Recovery: Fillers do not require any down time as they are minimally invasive. You may experience some swelling afterwards so you may wish to go home although this is not necessary.

What is the cost?

The cost of treatment with dermal fillers is dependent on how many areas you wish to treat. This makes dermal fillers an affordable alternative to plastic or cosmetic surgery.

What are the risks and complications?

Complications with dermal fillers are rare although not impossible. Infection and irritation can occur so it’s important that you monitor your own condition carefully after the treatment is completed.

All procedures come with possible risks and complication, even in the best of hands. We will discuss these in person at your consultation and inform you of any potential complications.

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