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Shape and Volume

Breast augmentation surgery is designed to reflect its title, and augment — or improve — the form of the natural breast, not simply enlarge their appearance. Women who are entertaining the idea of breast implants will enjoy the best the world has to offer with the availability of cohesive implants that deliver a precise and predictable approach to augmentation.

At Park Clinic Plastic Surgery Dr Phoon and Dr Moradi have extensive experience in delivering high quality breast augmentation procedures. Coupled with in house 3D Vectra technology, the experience of our surgeons ensures that only the best implants and placement for your desires is used.

Watch the video below to learn more about the 3D Vectra Technology:

Breast Augmentation

Essentials Series

Treatment Options

The below options are variations on the breast augmentation procedure. It is best that you discuss your desires with our doctors to make an informed decision based on your personal attributes.

The Full Look

The Natural Look

The Athletic Look

The Procedure

Who are the Best Candidates for Breast Augmentation?

Candidates for breast augmentation include women from all walks of life who simply want a natural improvement to their bust, and enjoy a professional approach that includes 3D imagery that can produce post-operative results accurately based on an individual’s size, shape and their breast positioning.

What to Expect

The goal with any breast augmentation procedure at Park Clinic Plastic Surgery begins with a consultation to discover the individual patient’s desires to improve her overall appearance. Using form stable cohesive gel implants, Drs Moradi and Phoon are able to deliver a predictable outcome using safe technologies and procedures. Each patient’s experience is unique to their body, and with this customised approach to a personal procedure, the outcome is divine.

Procedure: The breast augmentation procedure itself begins with an incision below the breast, known as an inframammary incision. The placement of the incision is calculated mathematically based on a number of factors, including the natural and existing breast tissue and its characteristics, and the implant itself. The goal is conceal the incision in the breast crease, to apply an even more natural look.

Description: Based on the woman’s existing breast shape and size, including the chest wall, the implant can be placed above or below the pectoralis major muscle. During the consultation, patients will receive a full review of each type of available insertion with a specific focus on the procedure that is right for their body, and their body only.

Recovery: Breast augmentation is performed using general anaesthetic, and is typically a single day surgery. Patients usually take one week away from work to recover, and can resume vigorous exercise after six weeks.

Is Breast Augmentation safe? Do you use twilight sedation techniques?

Having a breast augmentation is similar to any other surgical procedure. There are always inherent risks and potential complications for every patient having a surgical procedure. That is why it is critically important that you chose your surgeon carefully so that they are fully qualified with the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons and the Royal Australian College of Surgeons. Fully qualified plastic surgeons are highly trained specialists with in excess of 14 years of training and experience before they are allowed to call themselves plastic surgeons. If you do have a complication you can be reassured knowing that you will be looked after by someone who is qualified to do so.

There is no regulation in NSW that can stop a doctor calling themselves a cosmetic surgeon even if they have no formal qualifications whatsoever.

A good start is to look up your doctor on the national database to check their qualifications. You can find this here. The registration of your doctor should be a specialist qualification in plastic surgery.

Dr Moradi and Dr Phoon are both fully qualified plastic surgeons and our clinic is dedicated to giving you the most beautiful natural results in the safest possible environment. All of our surgery is performed in fully accredited hospitals and day surgical facilities with specialist anaesthetists.

Surgery is just the start of your journey. All post-operative consultations are included in the fee as well as all of your nursing care. Should you have a complication that involves a return to the operating theatre we waive our surgical fee. This is all part of standing behind the quality of our work.

There has been a huge amount of interest in the safety of breast augmentation recently. Whilst we are not at liberty to discuss what may or may not have occurred in other cases, we can assure you that we have never performed breast augmentation under twilight sedation and never will. A link to an earlier blog posting about this issue (in Feb 2012) can be found here.  

There is no substitute for good care and safe surgery. At Park Clinic Plastic Surgery you can be confident you will receive the excellence in surgical care to give you the very best possible results.

What is the cost?

The cost for breast augmentation surgery is $10990, this includes

  • Anaesthetist’s Fee
  • Outpatient Surgery Centre Fee
  • Post-operative Garments
  • Surgical Assistant’s Fee
  • Unlimited Follow-up

Please be aware that the cost of breast augmentation surgery by Park Clinic Plastic Surgery represents our pledge to using safe implants and advanced technology that delivers superior results.

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