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You may feel your breast augmentation needs revision for a number of reasons. Hopefully this is due to natural changes in your body and shape. However, if this is not the case and you are unhappy with your current breast augmentation results Dr Moradi and Dr Phoon offer Breast Revision Surgery.

Breast Revision Surgery is conducted in a way that provides you the best possible results considering size, shape, placement, fit to your body shape, symmetry, minimal scarring and a result you can be confident about.

After a number of years implants may need to be revised. In some cases a patient may require a revision sooner than usual as they may have encountered unforeseen side effects, or are just generally unhappy with the results. On average implants will require replacing about 15-20 years post-procedure. The most common reasons for breast implant revisions are to change the implant size, or to improve the overall appearance and natural feel of the breasts.

With the aid of our revolutionary 3D Vectra technology we are able to show you the expected results. Dr Phoon and Dr Moradi are happy to discuss any queries you may have and help you to achieve your desired look.

At Park Clinic Plastic Surgery we pledge to use safe implants and advanced technology to deliver superior results.
If you have any questions about breast revision please contact us, or read our FAQs below.

The Procedure

Implant revision surgery is generally only necessary after several years of having implants, but in cases of aesthetic correction, or unforeseen side effects may be required sooner. Results from your breast review will be visible immediately.

Who are the best candidates for a breast revision?

Anyone with prior implants who are; dissatisfied with the results, want their implants to be removed or resized, lifted, or experiencing complications involving their implants. Implants do have a lifespan, for some this can be up to 20 years, though over the course of time with natural aging as well as gravity taking its toll, sometimes implants may also require a “lift” for aesthetical reasons.

What are the reasons for a breast revision?

Breast revision works to correcting factors of a breast augmentation which a client may not be happy with. This may include;

  • Replacing/exchanging implants (replacing current implants with smaller or large implants, changing implants from smooth to textured or vice-versa, filling your implants with saline or silicone)
  • Breast lift
  • Pocket adjustments
  • Areola reduction
  • Unforeseen medical issues

What are the risks?

As with all surgical procedures, revisions do involve risks and complications. Our doctors will ensure these are communicated effectively and discuss all of your questions and concerns regarding the procedure.

It’s not uncommon for swelling, bruising and changes in skin sensitivity to occur over several weeks. In most cases, non-strenuous activities can be resumed the following day. Scarring and infections are rare, but as with any surgery still a possibility.

What to expect

Before any work starts our doctors will sit down with you and discuss your desired results, 3-D imagery is used to display what you can expect post-operation. Breast revision is often more complex than the initial treatment, so it’s extremely important you seek an experienced plastic surgeon.


What is breast revision?

Breast revision is corrective surgery that may be required after the initial breast augmentation. This could be for a number of aesthetic or medical reasons.

The type of revision depends on the reason, though if you’re unhappy with the results this can generally be corrected with the aid of a skilled surgeon.

At Park Clinic we use 3D Vectra imaging technology, so you can see the results before committing to anything.

Why is breast revision ever needed?

Breast revisions may be considered for a number of reasons; the patient may not be happy with the results of their initial procedure, or run into some unseen side effects or complications.

Alternatively, over the years as the natural tissues weaken due to natural ageing and the added weight of implants, “sagging” may occur, and a revision may be considered to re-lift the implant. These are the main reasons a revision is considered

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