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Reduce and resposition

Misshapen, large, or overly prominent ears can draw unwanted attention. Otoplasty tweaks the ears for a more refined and common shape and position. Traditionally known as pinning, the adjustment of prominent ears has long been known to help children and adults with bullying and teasing.

Dr Phoon and Dr Moradi offer Otoplasty to those wanting to change the shape, prominence and size of their ears. Both of our surgeons are highly experienced and will advise you on the best actions to take to achieve your desired result.

The Procedure

Who are the Best Candidates for Otoplasty?

Both children and adults can benefit from Otoplasty surgery, which helps reshape prominent ears. The results of Otoplasty are often dramatic and can create a highly satisfied patient as a result.

What to Expect from the Surgery

At Park Clinic Plastic Surgery, Dr Moradi or Dr Phoon will discuss each aspect of the surgical journey. This allows each patient to acquire the knowledge and information necessary to proceed with confidence and enthusiasm.

Procedure: The Otoplasty procedure requires an incision behind each ear, allowing access to the cartilage within. That cartilage is reshaped and contoured, allowing the ear to be suspended in an optimally and aesthetically attractive position.

Description: The Otoplasty procedure is typically performed on adults as an outpatient procedure, under a general anaesthetic. Children and their parents can elect to stay overnight stay in hospital if they desire.

Recovery: Once the surgery is completed, the ears will be covered with a bulky bandage for protection, which should be worn for five to ten days. Once the bandages are removed, the patient may return to school or work, and resume normal day to day activity. Once the bandages are removed, patients are encouraged to wear a tennis headband that fits snuggly behind the ears for an additional two weeks while they sleep to protect the newly contoured cartilage.

After 6 weeks, the final contour and shape of the ears will become evident, allowing contact sports and activities to resume.

What is the Cost?

Otoplasty, or corrective ear surgery, is a reconstructive surgical procedure that may be covered by private health insurance. Patients are encouraged to review their health insurance policies carefully to understand the depth of their coverage and whether this procedure is covered therein.

The cost of Otoplasty varies, and depends on the needs of the patient. Although the range usually extends between $6,000-$9,000 differing factors will dictate the final costs, including:

  • Anaesthetist’s Fee
  • Private Hospital Stay or Outpatient Facility Fees
  • Overall Level of Private Insurance Coverage
  • Surgical Assistant’s Fee

What are the Risks & Complications?

As with all surgical procedures there are some risks and complications associated with Otoplasty. Our surgeons will discuss all of these and any questions you have prior to the procedure.

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