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Revision rhinoplasty may be needed after the initial operation on the nose. This treatment is offered for those still suffering from breathing problems or still unhappy with the appearance of their nose after the initial surgery. Dr Moradi conducts revision Rhinoplasty in a variety of Sydney locations.

What is revision rhinoplasty?

Revision rhinoplasty is simply corrective surgery that is sometimes needed after an initial operation on the nose. It is also known as secondary rhinoplasty.

The unfortunate truth is that not every nose surgery is a success. To have undergone surgery and still face breathing problems, or be left with continued concerns about your appearance, is devastating, but it does happen.

It is important to remember that this is not the end of the story. There is still a lot a skilled surgeon can do for you.

At Park Clinic we have helped many people to realise their goals, regardless of what may have gone wrong on the road to reaching them.

Why is revision rhinoplasty ever needed?

The causes of a failed nose surgery are many. They may include actions taken by the patient during recovery, they may include unexpected effects of the healing process and they may include technical incompetence.

Revision rhinoplasty may be needed for cosmetic reasons alone, but quite often the initial operation can lead to increased breathing difficulties through the nose.

The ABC News report below features Dr. Moradi discussing the plight of a Wollongong resident who had received a botched skin cancer operation performed by her GP. In this case Dr Moradi had to perform a two stage revision rhinoplasty that included total tip reconstruction using septal cartilage.
Click here for the ABC News Report


Why Park Clinic?

  • Have a frank consultation with an experienced surgeon
  • Feel at ease in our boutique practice in fashionable Woolloomooloo
  • Experience a procedure centred on your wishes and goals
  • Visualise the outcomes of your corrective surgery using the latest 3D imaging techniques
  • Achieve the results you want and receive all the support you need to recover quickly

How much does it cost?

Revision rhinoplasty procedures can be more complicated than initial procedures so the costs can be slightly higher. They are, however, still covered by primary medical insurance.

It is impossible to give a catch-all figure for such a bespoke surgical procedure, but you can expect to pay around $12,000 – $18,000 depending on your personal needs.

The costs break down as follows:

  • Anesthesia Fees
  • Private Hospital or Outpatient Surgical Facility Fees
  • Insurance Coverage Percentages
  • Additional Facial Plastic Surgical Procedures
  • Surgical Assistant’s Fee

What is different about revision rhinoplasty?

In essence nose surgery uses similar techniques whether it is your first operation or a follow-up procedure. The principles are the same but the practice can be somewhat more involved.

Let’s stress from the outset that this is not always the case. Sometimes just a minor adjustment is needed to perfect that first procedure.

However, where real problems have been caused it takes a great deal more technical skill, expert knowledge and exercise of judgement to ensure the desired outcome.

The only real way to know exactly what it may take to restore what has been lost is to speak to a surgeon you can trust. We will discuss your goals and respect your wishes, but we will also outline exactly what is surgically possible. We are upfront and honest with you simply because it is crucial that both of our expectations are exactly the same.

Here are some things you can expect:

  • There is likely to be soft tissue damage as a result of your previous nasal surgery. This is more susceptible to causing inflammation, swelling or scar formation if the procedure is not carried out with the utmost care.
  • Surgery can take longer because of the obstacles posed by scar tissue.
  • It can be a more complex procedure that requires more experience and skill.
  • The presence of pre-existing tissue damage may also lead to a longer period of recovery
  • It nearly always requires the use of graft material taken discretely from elsewhere on your body, and occasionally requires the use of synthetic materials if no other source is suitable.

What is the process?

The specifications and descriptions of the surgical procedure are outlined below, but the best way to explain them is to talk to you in person. No two surgeries are alike: we really need to find out more about your specific needs, concerns and hopes.

Consultation: The consultation is in many ways as important as the procedure itself. Here we assess what effects the previous surgery has had. We make sure we understand what you wish to achieve and we explain to you exactly what it is possible for us to do.
We will look at any damage that may have occurred to the blood supply to your nose, check for your skin elasticity and review any scar tissue that has formed. We need to be aware of this as it will affect how we approach your procedure and ensure the best chance of its success.

3D Imaging: During your consultation Dr. Moradi will use 3D computer generated images to closely simulate how your nose and face will look after the operation.
“I use advanced 3D Vectra imaging to simulate the predicted post-op result and plan your operation. I find using the simulation is a far more reliable and reproducible tool than before and after photographs or using Photoshop. More importantly, I get a sense of your surgical goals through the changes you wish to make to your 3D model.”

Recovery: The entire surgical experience is performed under a general anaesthetic and can be performed as an outpatient surgery, or with as little as an overnight stay. Most patients need at least one to two weeks off work whilst the splints are still on. Patients will receive complete post-operative instructions to maximise their recovery time and comfort.

What are the risks and complications?

Revision rhinoplasty can be a more complicated procedure than your first operation was.
The good news is a satisfactory outcome can be achieved through it, but all surgeries carry potential risks. It is important that you understand these before you make any decisions.

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